13 Reasons to Go Vegetarian


Learning theses 13 reasons to go vegetarian can help you to understand the true benefits this lifestyle has to offer. Going vegetarian is one of the best moves you can make for your health and the health of the world around you. There is a feeling of inner peace you get from showing compassion to the animals of the world and there is no better ingredient than good karma.


Starting Your Vegetarian Diet

Most individuals view removing meat from their diet as a daunting task but with a little research, it can be an easy maneuver to make. Scientific evidence has proven the tremendous health benefits going vegetarian can include. Your diet affects every part of your life and it’s never too late to make the change to healthy. A recent study published by the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 70% of all diseases have a direct correlation with diet.

You may have some close friends and family who question your decision. This is normal and you shouldn’t shy away from their questions. Be proud of your decision and allow others to see your healthy lifestyle changes take place. Explain the wisdom behind your decision by the using the 10 reasons why you should be a vegetarian listed below:

Heart Disease

Heart disease is considered one of the leading causes of death in America with recent statistics showing approximately 1 million deaths a year attributed to these cardiovascular issues. The risks of heart disease can be dramatically reduced by converting to a vegetarian diet as it contains far less fat than the average American diet. Vegetarians consume less fat and cholesterol resulting in a healthier cardiovascular system. Recent WHO statistics have shown vegetarians also have 24% lower risk of dying from health disease when compared to their meat eating counterparts. Further studies have proven that vegetarian diets can actually reverse coronary heart disease.

Cancer Prevention

Fruits and veggies are packed full of antioxidants and other cancer preventing ingredients and according to the American Institute for Cancer Research, changing to a plant-based diet can dramatically reduce your risks of certain types of cancers. Vegetarians have diets that are packed full of plenty of dietary fiber, phytochemicals, and nutrients; everything your body needs to be a cancer-fighting machine.

Lose Weight

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that over 65% of the United States’ adult population is overweight. Much of this is attributed to eating processed food and meats that can take longer to digest properly. Plant based diets give your body cleaner energy to burn with recent studies revealing an increase in calorie burn after eating leafy greens such as spinach.

Going vegetarian does not automatically mean you are going to lose weight and it is important to mention that not all vegetarian food can be considered healthy. The secret is finding the right balance between quality vegetarian food and other options. Eating high-calorie food such as cheeses can be a bad move for someone looking to enjoy some of the weight loss benefits food in vegetarianism.

Protein intake plays a critical role in your body’s ability to control weight. Protein is essential in increasing your metabolism and as a vegetarian; you should focus on ensuring you are not skimping out on your protein intake. Spinach, lentils, organic tofu, and almonds are perfect examples of vegetarian foods that are packed with proteins to help your body boost satiety.

Live Longer

A vegetarian diet can boost your immune system and help your body fend off the aging process. According to a 12-year study conducted by Oxford University and published in The British Journal, eating a well-balanced plant based diet can increase your life expectancy by 6+ years. This makes perfect sense considering a vegetarian diet can reverse certain chronic diseases. Below are the top 3 reasons why vegetarians (on average) live longer than their meat-eating counterparts:

Low Blood Pressure

Vegetarians have lower blood pressure than their meat eating companions and studies have shown that a plant-based diet can be used to lower blood pressure among people who suffer from cardio pressure problems. In many instances, physicians will recommend changing to a plant based diet to prevent future heart problems.

Lower Risk of Death

Vegetarians avoid the very real risks of clogged arteries as a result of consuming saturated fats and cholesterols. According to a study conducted by the University of California, vegetarians have a 12% lower risk of death. This study gathered evidence from 70,000 participants and is considered the largest study to date. Red meat does not digest properly and can leave your gut lined with the compound carnitine.


In 2012, the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health published a report that compared the moods of people after restricting their diets of certain foods. Surprisingly, this study revealed that people who ate plant-based diets reported elevated moods. The study revealed that vegetarians enjoyed a lower arachidonic acid intake. Arachidonic acid is found in meat, poultry, and fish. This mood altering chemical can cause aggression and depression in high doses.

Avoid Toxic Food

Meats are packed with hormones, herbicides, and antibiotics. These fat-soluble toxins can build up in your fatty flesh causing unhealthy weight gain. Meat eaters can also be exposed to a variety of parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Salmonella and parasitic worms are another danger vegetarians do not have to worry about. Salmonella poisoning affects one million people a year and according to recent statistics, 19,00 people were hospitalized and 380 people died between 2000 -2008.

Reduce Global Warming

Did you know that livestock produces more greenhouse gases than all the cars on the road combined? In 2006, a united nations study revealed that livestock manure releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide gases into the atmosphere. These gases are the leading causes of global warming. Researchers at the Oxford Martin School conducted a study in 2016 that found that adoption of a wide-spread vegetarian diet would drop global emissions by as much as 63%. This study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Marco Springmann the lead researcher for the project was quoted as saying “Imbalanced diets, such as diets low in fruits and vegetables and high in red and processed meat, are responsible for the greatest health burden globally and in most regions”

Save Money

There is a common misconception that to go vegetarian means you will need to spend more money on your food. Although your food will surely be better quality, it is going to cheaper when compared to your unhealthy alternatives. Shopping local farmer’s markets can save you big dollars and get you access to the freshest ingredients available. Vegetarians are at much less risk of contracting one of the 5 leading diet-related chronic diseases and therefore, they save huge money on expensive medical treatments. An Annual estimate conducted by Fidelity Investments found that on average a 65-year old retired couple will need around $260,000.00 in medical treatment before they die. Diet related diseases are the easiest to avoid and by thinking healthy, you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Fight World Hunger

World hunger is a preventable ailment and research has shown that by switching to vegetarian diet, we can eliminate this scourge from the Earth. The World Health Organization currently lists around 795 million people who don’t have access to food on a daily basis. A large scale conversion to vegetarianism would result in a 70% influx in grain supply resulting in the ability to feed 4 billion people. This is enough to feed half of the world’s starving population instantly. In the wealthiest countries, the abuse is the worse with over 65% of the grain produced going to feed livestock.

Show Compassion for Animals

Showing compassion for animals is one of the most fulfilling decisions one can make in their lifetime. As a vegetarian, you chose to not support the murder and mistreatment of millions of animals a year. Vegetarians vote with their dollar and by choosing to not purchase meat products, you are sending the most powerful message of all to these manufacturers. Factory farmed animals have little to no legal protection and by showing respect for all life; you help to make the world a more companionate place to live.

Enjoy a New Cuisine

If you are looking for a little excitement in your life, try going vegetarian. As a new vegetarian every meal can be the perfect opportunity to try new cuisine. Vegetarianism is on the rise and new and exciting meal ideas are evolving every day. Going vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to give up on flavorful and delicious food. In reality, most food seasoning is plant-based to begin with, so you are not giving up any flavor by converting to a vegetarian diet.

13 Reasons to Go Vegetarian – Final Thoughts

The reality is, this list could be a hundred reasons to go vegetarian. Converting to vegetarianism is a smart life choice that shows you are a health and socially concise individual that is ready to do their part in making the world a better place. Vegeway is dedicated to providing you with the best vegetarian ingredients and dishes to help you stay on track with your vegetarian diet. Stop in today to see why we are Las Vegas’ #1 Vegetarian Fast Food Spot.

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